New Picture

I was born in Alice Springs and grew up on remote cattle stations in the Territory and Queensland, as well as Flinders Ranges sheep country. Childhood was falling off horses and motorbikes, outrunning wild pigs, piloting a tinny on the Barcoo River, and yabbying in dams. The soundtrack? Crows by day, dingoes by night. As a young man I travelled Asia and Europe for two years, the last ten thousand kilometres by bicycle, camping out in forests and fields, heedless of season or latitude. 

So much for romance. Nowadays, I live in Melbourne and pay for my creative writing by teaching academic writing. I do manage to get away from the screen and the city to climb rocks and bushwalk. It was on a climbing trip that I met the love of my life, Claudia. Together we co-authored two marvellous boys, Leo and Sol. In 2017 and 2018, we lived in Claudia’s native Poland, where I wrote my first novel.

In terms of writing chops, I was one of 15 Australian poets selected by Les Murray for the Australian section of Another English: Anglophone poems from around the world (2014). This site archives a selection of poems and short stories previously published in leading Australian and international journals.

Please use the Contact link to request a workshop or author talk. If you like my writing, please consider donating. Until I hit writing paydirt, your support makes the work possible.

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